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Waking up - my half-life and soul awakening The life of the flesh has been half a century.

2018-07-13 12:47:41

Like most people, I am always busy with life and thinking about the meaning of life. I don’t know that I don’t know, my soul is half-dream and half-awake. In the blink of an eye, my life is over, and I look back at my thoughts. My life is completely new, and the phoenix is nirvana. The mystery is "to the conscience."

Speaking of "to the conscience", it is destined to be in the midst of it. Kang Jianxiong was originally a passer-by in my life. There was no business dealings, no friends and relatives. There was almost no substantive intersection. In the autumn of 2016, he suddenly extended an olive branch and introduced me to the first entrepreneur to conscience (Guiyang). ) Forum, now I believe this is called "God."

At the beginning, I learned "To the Conscience". The most important thing in the impression is that "there is no way to do it, but to seek oneself." Taking back the outward gaze, I discovered that for the past forty years, I have been self-centered and constantly emphasized that "going my own way and letting others say it." Although I have also obtained some material achievements. However, because he only looked at the road and looked down at the sky, he finally lost a harmonious and good interpersonal relationship with the world in a terrible "anxiety disorder". In the biggest "middle-age crisis dragon field" in this life, it is difficult to extricate himself. He often struggles in the horror of "everytime will die", unconsciously protects the North Starlight in his heart, and remembers to warn my changlang team. Quality is the bottom line, and you have to keep it at all costs! In fact, the desperation of life is always invincible, that is, conscience.

In-depth study of "To the Conscience" suddenly realized that "there are thousands of sins and evils from the arrogance." In the recent years, the sea of business has risen and fallen. I am also "bad and unavoidable. What is the situation?" Persevering in pursuit of technology leadership, one-sided emphasis on excellence, offending and interrupting many new and old customers and friends and relatives, this is my "arrogance" "I am doing it." Recall that at the end of each semester of 30 or 40 years ago, teachers have to write a comment on "Attack and arrogance" on my "Report of Achievements", but I never thought about what is proud until life. When I came to the end of the mountain, the conscience knows what the pride is, and understands the truth that "not to be smart and alert, but to be diligent and honest." As the dream wakes up, I begin to repair the relationship with the world. It’s a pity to understand this, the price paid too much, and even I will complain, why did the teacher of 40 years ago not teach me “to conscience”? Hey, still asking for it!

In addition to the past of remorse, there are many wonderful hard times in life. Since I resigned from my office in the first year of my life, I went to Hainan Island alone. On that dark night, the salty waves of Xiuying’s baths not only swallowed me, but inspired my incomparably strong survival instinct, which opened the “I want to be The boss's dream history.

In 1998, I started investing and setting up factories for the first time. It was the GMP certification in the field of Chinese medicine. The medicinal bottles I handled were all made in a 300,000-level purification workshop, and all the new plastics were used. Therefore, although the company died in the competition, I finally reassured myself to have a clear conscience, even though the next secular gaze sent me into the "dead success dragon field", but I also gained the idea of steady operation, and used it. to date.

In 2003, when the mountains were running out, my friends saved my business and made my economy a turnaround. In the past two years, I have devoted my duty to the extruder gearbox industry and I have enjoyed my enthusiasm. I am concentrating on research and development of new products to create quality products, and to solve the pain points in the industry as my goal. I will invite experts from outside the industry to cooperate with each other. Since 2008, the "high-torque gearbox" belonging to the Chinese has finally achieved zero breakthrough and broke. The monopoly position of European products in the Chinese market has also been maliciously suppressed by European counterparts during the K show in Germany. At that time, my heart was calm and fearless. Now that I know it, it is called "for the motherland."

In 2015, a stock market crash brought down the "unsuccessful Xiaoqiang", causing severe recurrence of neurasthenia with anxiety. Just when I was struggling with the "body sick and painful dragon field" at the bottom of my life, the company's operations suffered from the competition risk of intensive imitation of the peers. Here I would like to be grateful to the upstream and downstream customers who are full of love. Most of them are not tempted by the interests; especially to thank the internal colleagues of the Changlang team, everyone’s heart is in the "Volunteer Book", it is not clear, If you don't move, the passion is high... As Mr. Yang Ming said in the "The Admonishment of the Thief," everyone has a conscience, even if it is a thief, its conscience can be awakened. With the continuous promotion of cultural education in the whole society, I firmly believe that China's business environment will be better and better, and various social problems will be fundamentally solved or improved. Merchants will no longer be forgotten, and entrepreneurs will be clear and conscience. "Prosperity is not harmful."

To the conscience, to use for life. 2017 Longwave achieved a high growth rate of 30%, the highest growth rate since the start of the decade. Since the summer of 2017, I have implemented the expansion of the plant in the past six months, and the equipment has already entered the factory. I believe that in the near future, with the effective expansion of production capacity and the sin of “delivery delay”, temporary forgiveness should also be obtained. It is. Here, I would like to take a deep look at the customers who have been delayed delivery and sincerely ask you to forgive me. The grace of dripping water, the springs reported that the gearbox with a torque of 18Nm/cm3 will be available soon. It is also a practical action to return the society after the recovery of my illness. In addition to continuing to contribute to the conscience, the future will continue to improve the deficiencies in the operation, especially the complaints of customers complaining about the constant pain points, but also thoroughly change their efforts from the heart, and set the longing for customers to the beautiful gearbox and its service. The goal of struggle. The initial heart of "after retail" will not change, and the willingness to "zero complaints" has already been issued. I am convinced that as long as there are always two ends, and constantly improve the quality of the soul, we will be able to connect with each other, reach a community of destiny, and continue to achieve common development in business. The opening in 2018 is also very good. The orders are full and the customer's benevolence is manifested. I am self-improving, dare to live up to expectations, and insist on "do not fight."

To the conscience, the study is based. In addition to doing business in a pragmatic manner, I must follow the teachings of Mr. Yang Ming and regard "waking others" as an important part of my future life. I am also a teacher-educated person. I am a peer of Dongmao’s teacher. The great wish of the “Wanshi Shibiao” also deeply affects me, so I have to re-execute the coach and ignite the conscience-fired sacred fire to Changzhou enterprises. Two groups of home and educators. Wei Xianxiong said, "You will have to take up a lot of social responsibilities in this way." Yes, everything in heaven and earth, I am just a grain of dust. When we integrate ourselves into the motherland, integrate into the people, and see the world with the unity of all things, the mind is self-confident and the world becomes simple and clear.

To the conscience, Suzhou team. This is the place where I say that there is no more to go around. This is the place where my soul is awakened. Under the correct leadership of the Liangzhi Courtyard, under the leadership of the Chunguang brothers, a group of people have no room to rise, Na Jie, Juan Wen, Gong Zheng, You Fu, Ze Rong, Mao Zhong, Xiao Wei, Deng Jun, Liu Sword, Jianguo, Wenyuan, Maofeng, Huirong, Yi, Mingying, Xiaohong, Li Hong, Wuyue... Many names can not be written, they are working together to promote the cause of conscience, they It is the noble person I have had the privilege of meeting in my life. In the future, I will be my good teacher and friend on the road to conscience, and I will be blessed and my peers will go east.

The past is not to be embarrassed, and the followers can still chase. Now I finally woke up, standing at the gate of the conscience, and seeing the colorfulness in the hall of the school, I was ecstatic. I am no longer a "martial madman", but a determined ambassador of the mind, determined, diligent, changed, and responsible. The middle-aged crisis has passed, and the second half of life has just begun. I am determined to be a sage, facing the great, but the only one, working for the health of the motherland for 60 years!

Finally, with the poems of Mr. Yang Ming, I will draw a full stop for my half-life dreams. I sincerely ask everyone to blame: "For more than 40 years, I have been sleeping in my dreams. Now I am sober-minded. I don’t know that the day has passed the pavilion and started to hit the high building. Zhong. From the high-rise building to Xiaoxiao, it is still fascinating. Even if you wake up, you don’t believe in the human ear.

Cheng Xiangyang, Wuxu, New Year's Eve, in the Lion City

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